The Wolf Australia


MJ, The Radio DJ.

Persona portrayed by Matthew Brokenbrough

I have one rule, old people should not be on social media. At least not without a young person instructing them... and by young person I mean someone my age... and by someone my age I mean me.

MJ's thoughts on his Social Media News segment during the Planet Country Radio Show 


The one called MJ is something of an enigma. Some say he is a myth, simply inhabiting listeners minds only because it is suggested he exists. Others say he can be seen working in the 7eleven on Old Albuquerque Lane late on a Sunday night. The reality is likely somewhere in between. Whilst little can be confirmed, it is very clear he is young, good looking and has the world at his feet . . . Lucky son of a . . . Oh, he is also an expert on all things social media . . . No wonder he has the social media segment all to himself! To speak to this urban myth, send a direct message on one of Planet Country's many social media pages and he'll say hi . . .  that is . . . if he even exists . . . And NO, he is not The Stig.

MJ co-hosts the Planet Country Radio Show with Big Stu and is also a casual announcer on The Wolf's various programs. 

When your jam comes on

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